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FAG Environmentally Wheel Hub Bearing Units


Schaeffler Group ran "efficiency drive, Mercedes-Benz in the future" under (Mobility for tomorrow) strategic vision, Schaeffler develops less conflict, more power and better cost vehicle bearing commodities and future-oriented electromechanical integration solutions. In the 2015 Shanghai Auto Show, exhibited FAG Schaeffler protection Free truck hub bearing unit, the international trade multiple continents through 10 years of production use, to be completed more than one million kilometers of life. By roller, roller and seals optimized planning, effectively reduce conflict, to be completed by 1 million km fuel savings of 3,000 liters, and now a brand 6 × 2 van proven. By decrease contact stress, optimizing internal planning, increase FAG dynamic bearing load, low conflict Commercial Axle FAG Bearings main Save comparable existing products more than 40% reduction in conflict, effectively reduce costs.
Schaeffler believes decrease conflict and optimize the cost not only for truck operators beneficial, and help decrease carbon dioxide emissions of the whole society, to make contributions to eliminate the haze and improve the environment. Schaeffler wheel bearing plan fully using a lightweight planning in order to protect the truck free FAG wheel bearing unit as an example, can make 6x4 tractor weight 65 kg or more, 8-12 meters passenger weight 40 kg or more, effectively reduce emissions, improve fuel economy.
Schaeffler Greater China Car Division President Yang Hanbing say, ten years, Schaeffler has established cooperation with our supplier and FAW, China's heavy truck, Shaanxi Auto and other domestic commercial vehicle spring primary commercial enterprises relationship. Schaeffler Nanjing production base of truck wheel bearing production line put into the program this year, annual production up to 500,000 sets. Facing commodity upgrading and export needs, Schaeffler determination for domestic truck manufacturers to bring the most advanced, most reliable and most suitable goods, solutions, technical support and after-sales service, and win-win.

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